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God Says, “Come to Me!”

Are you worried today? I will help you.Are you stressed about grades? I will help you!When your problems are tough and you start to despair,When your life feels so rough that you don't see I'm there,Come to me! Ask for help and believe that I care.I will help you. Are you lonely today? I am… Continue reading God Says, “Come to Me!”

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Kids’ Spot: God Solves All Our Problems!

When your life feels all messed up, remember that God can solve all your problems - even more easily than Caleb solves the Rubik's Cube! Watch him explain this here: https://youtu.be/KFOtG7yd6nY https://youtu.be/KFOtG7yd6nY Caleb drew this near the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. God is solving even our COVID problems!

Kids' Spot, Videos

Kids’ Spot: Getting Out of the Box

Are you letting your light shine for everyone to see Jesus through you, or are you hiding under a box? This Kids' Spot talks about getting out from under the boxes that keep us from telling other people about Jesus! https://youtu.be/ELVgG9rh2gw https://youtu.be/ELVgG9rh2gw

Kids' Spot, Videos

Kids’ Spot: God Holds our Burdens

When God gives us something hard to do, He helps us do it! Sometimes it feels like what He wants us to do is scary and difficult, like we're holding a heavy burden. Watch this video to see what God does with our burdens when we give them to Him! https://youtu.be/5K82dQOysmY https://youtu.be/5K82dQOysmY