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Kids’ Spot: When We Ask, “Why???”

Sometimes life is hard and we are full of questions. We don't understand why bad things are happening and we feel angry and confused. Jesus invites us to bring all our questions to Him and let Him fill us with His peace. https://youtu.be/pc4-8IdtNHw https://youtu.be/pc4-8IdtNHw

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God Speaks to Kids, Too!

Hey Kids! Did you know you can be a prayer warrior? God wants you to know Him as your Saviour and as your friend, and He can help you pray mighty prayers and see Him work in amazing ways!   In one of our Toronto Chinese Alliance Church (TCAC) Kids Pray! meetings on Zoom, we asked God, “What… Continue reading God Speaks to Kids, Too!

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What IS Prayer, Anyway?

Prayer is Talking to God Prayer is sharing your deepest secrets with God and telling Him your biggest fears. Prayer is telling God about other people’s problems and asking Him to solve them. Prayer is chatting with God about everything that’s happening in your life and letting Him know what you’re thinking and feeling. Prayer… Continue reading What IS Prayer, Anyway?

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God Says, “I AM…”

I AM your friend when you are lonely, and your best friend when you have many friends around you. I take care of your parents so they can take care of you. I AM gentler than the kindest grandma and more loving than you could ever imagine. I AM patient with you and love you… Continue reading God Says, “I AM…”

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“Hey Kids, I love you!” – Love, God

Hey Kids! Did you know that I love you? I love you more than anyone on earth ever could love you - even more than your parents, who love you deeply. I love you so much, you can’t even imagine how big my love is for you.  (CrispyCream27, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons) I… Continue reading “Hey Kids, I love you!” – Love, God

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The Amazing Gift

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com A huge present sat in the front yard of a house. It had navy blue wrapping paper, light blue ribbon, and a gigantic bow, and it filled the whole yard. People walking on the sidewalk or coming in and out of the house just ignored the huge gift. They saw… Continue reading The Amazing Gift

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Golden and Shadow Meet the Great Horse

Photo by Frantisek Duris on Pexels.com A powerful golden-brown horse named Golden cantered along the seashore. His mane flowing in the wind, Golden kicked up little sand-storms and left hoof-prints in the sand. He was galloping not in fear, but in freedom and hope. When he arrived at a wider stretch of beach, he stopped and… Continue reading Golden and Shadow Meet the Great Horse

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A Cup of Compassion

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com A joyful group of kids, moms, and dads eagerly entered Jesus' throne room. They wore pure white clothes of righteousness from Jesus because they had accepted His gift of salvation. The throne room was also pure and white, filled with dazzling light and joyful sounds.Jesus rushed down from the throne… Continue reading A Cup of Compassion

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The Loving Lion

Photo by Marcus Herzberg on Pexels.com On the grass of a large city park sat a huge stuffed lion—as big as a house. He was soft and golden with a long, shaggy, silky-smooth mane, and eyes full of love. Then he turned into a real lion. He came to life, stretching like he had been resting… Continue reading The Loving Lion