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Tuesday: Make an Erupting Volcano!

A VOLCANO is produced over thousands of years as heat and pressure build up. That aspect of a volcano is very difficult to recreate in a home experiment. However this volcano will give you an idea of what it might look like when a volcano erupts flowing lava. This is a classic experiment in which… Continue reading Tuesday: Make an Erupting Volcano!

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Thursday: Making Bannock!

Today we're going to make Bannock. Thanks, Dylan Chak, for the idea! Dylan and his mom say, “We did the first batch over the campfire and it tasted like plain bread. So, the second time we decided to do it over the stove in a frying pan. We also sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on each… Continue reading Thursday: Making Bannock!

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Friday: Thank You Cards for COVID-19 Front-Line Workers

Take a few minutes to make a Thank You card or video for a front-line worker. When you finish it, send it to and we'll send it to someone who is working extra hard these days to help people with COVID-19. Thanks, Joshua and Dylan! What's Your Name? Activity Challenge Week 5 Theme Poster!… Continue reading Friday: Thank You Cards for COVID-19 Front-Line Workers

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Wednesday: Theme Poster & Virtual Field Trips

It's time to put up another poster in your window to encourage your neighbours! Download the Week 4 Theme poster, colour it, and put it up in your window. Week 4 PosterDownload Over 30 Virtual Field Trips with Links Since you can't go on field trips with your class or even with your family these… Continue reading Wednesday: Theme Poster & Virtual Field Trips

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Good Friday: Tasty Resurrection Tombs

Every Easter since my kids were small we have made Resurrection Tombs on Good Friday. Each kid makes their own. On Good Friday we put "Jesus" in the tomb and close the door, with the guards outside. On Easter Sunday we open the tomb, take "Jesus" out, scatter the "soldiers" and add the angels and… Continue reading Good Friday: Tasty Resurrection Tombs

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“Jesus’ Power Calms Our Worries” Week 2 Poster

For our Week 2 poster, here's an idea - you could colour or decorate this poster and then put it up in your window this week. Then next week you can exchange it for the next poster. Maybe your neighbours will start looking forward to a different encouraging poster in your window each week! (If… Continue reading “Jesus’ Power Calms Our Worries” Week 2 Poster

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COVID-19 “Cheer Up” Posters

Not many people are going outside now because of COVID-19, but our neighbours still look out their windows, and some people - like doctors, fire-fighters, grocery store cashiers and others - still go out to work every day and pass by your house. Let's make posters to put up in our front windows to cheer… Continue reading COVID-19 “Cheer Up” Posters

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“Jesus’ Power Calms Our Fears” Week 1 Poster

Each week you can make a poster and put it up in your house to remind you about Jesus' Power. Collect all eight! Here's what you can do: Download and print out the poster here or below: over the letters with a dark marker.Colour or decorate the letters.Add decorations or pictures around the outside.Paste… Continue reading “Jesus’ Power Calms Our Fears” Week 1 Poster