"God Thoughts", Poems & Songs

God Says, “Come to Me!”

Are you worried today? I will help you.Are you stressed about grades? I will help you!When your problems are tough and you start to despair,When your life feels so rough that you don't see I'm there,Come to me! Ask for help and believe that I care.I will help you. Are you lonely today? I am… Continue reading God Says, “Come to Me!”

Devotional Stories

Bobby Bunny and the Terrible Storm

Bobby Bunny shivered. Wet and lonely, he huddled on a narrow ledge jutting out from a steep cliff. Rain beat down on him and plastered his fur to his skin. He worried that the wind and rain would sweep him away like the little stones beside him.When the thunder boomed, Bobby hid his face between… Continue reading Bobby Bunny and the Terrible Storm